Seiji Isotani
Professor of Computer Science and Learning Technology
University of Sao Paulo
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    ICMC 4-135
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    +55 16 3373-6720
Gamification in Education
AI in Education
Evidence-based Policy in Brazil
Ontology Engineering

Seiji Isotani

Transforming research findings into social impact!

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Last update: January, 2022
I am fortunate to work at one of the best universities in Latin America, which has helped me acquire a wide range of teaching and mentoring experiences. Together with the advisees with whom I have had the pleasure of working, I have conducted rigorous research and produced numerous papers published in journals and highly selective conference proceedings. Some of the them received best-paper awards, and several of my students listed below won the Best Thesis of the Year Award in educational technology from the Brazilian Computer Society. I strongly believe that my former advisees will significantly contribute to science and education worldwide in the years to come. Some of them already are shaping the field of educational technologies in the country!

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Seiji Isotani