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Renata Pontin de Mattos Fortes
Associate Professor, Computer Science Department at University of São Paulo.
E-mail: renata at icmc dot usp dot br - alternative e-mail: rfortes at acm dot org
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  • Livre Docente (habilitation) at ICMC-USP, 2007
  • Visiting Scholar at Georgiatech - Jan./2000 to Jan./2001 with prof. Gregory Abowd
  • D.Sc. in Computational Physics at IFSC-USP, 1996 - supervisor prof. Alvaro Garcia Neto
  • M.Sc in Computer Science at ICMSC-USP, 1991 - supervisor prof. Paulo Cesar Masiero
  • B.Sc in Computer Science at ICMSC-USP, 1982

Research Interests:

  • PorSimples - Simplificacao de textos em Portugues na Web - a project supported by FAPESP and Microsoft Research
  • SAFE - Software Engineering Available for Everyone - a framework of software process based on Open Software webtools
  • Accessibility and Usability for Web Engineering projects and tools - aim at building software infrastructure for supporting good practices and activities in the context of web development
  • Software Engineering - software specification issues and software process control
  • Hypermedia Development - modelling and evaluation of hypermedia applications
  • The synergy between Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction and Hypermedia as an approach boosting the understanding of the new software development processes

Research Groups:

Research with my students: Dissertations and Thesis.

Research Help: information from ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) about publications, and Scientific Commons (a community for Scientific Information). A brief description of tips to make a good job reading scientific papers (in Portuguese): "dicas de leitura".

Courses (recent ones; all in Portuguese):

Experience / Skills:

  • Software Analyst - ELEBRA -TELECOM (Eletronica Brasileira - Telecomunicações e Controle); São Paulo- SP, 1987.Atualmente, ALCATEL Brasil.
  • Software Analyst - ALCAN (Alunordeste- Aluminio do Brasil - Nordeste S/A); Candeias - BA, Centro Industrial de Aratu (CIA), 1985.
  • System Analyst - SERPRO (Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados - Centro de Tratamento de Informações); Osasco - SP, 1984.
  • and my children :-)


[renata @] or [rfortes @]
University of São Paulo
Department of Computer Science - SCC - ICMC - USP

C. P. 668 - 13560-970 São Carlos, SP - Brasil
tel: 55 (16 3373.9655) or (16 3373.9658 - my office) room number: 3-248 (2nd floor)

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