Unless otherwise specified, the geometric structures on manifolds seminar takes place every Wednesday, from 14h00 to 18h00, in the room 3-102 (ICMC).

Some previous talks (to be updated).
10/7/14 - Locally symmetric spaces I, Sidnei Furtado Costa
22/7/14 -
Locally symmetric spaces II, Sidnei Furtado Costa
29/7/14 - Symmetric spaces, Sidnei Furtado Costa
6/8/14 - Arithmetic groups I, Felipe de Aguilar Franco
13/8/14 - Arithmetic groups II, Felipe de Aguilar Franco
20/8/14 - Arithmetic groups III, Felipe de Aguilar Franco
27/8/14 - Arithmetic groups IV, Felipe de Aguilar Franco
3/9/14 - Non-abelian Hodge theory, Pietro Tortella

10/9/14 - Discrete groups and Dirichlet polyhedra I, Sasha Ananin
17/9/14 - Discrete groups and Dirichlet polyhedra II, Sasha Ananin
24/9/14 - Smooth GIT I, Hans-Christian Herbig
1/10/14 - Smooth GIT II, Hans-Christian Herbig
8/10/14 - Euler number of disc bundles I, Sasha Anan'in. Slides
15/10/14 - Euler number of disc bundles II, Sasha Anan'in
22/10/14 - Euler number of disc bundles III, Sasha Anan'in
29/10/14 - Introduction to classic geometries, Carlos Grossi
5/11/14 - Complex hyperbolic disc bundles I, Carlos Grossi
12/11/14 - Complex hyperbolic disc bundles II, Carlos Grossi