The Mathematical Physics PRONEX Group

Led by Professors W. Wreszinski (IFUSP) and M. O'Carroll and R. Schor (UFMG/USP, UFMG) a dozen of mathematical physicists from the University of Sao Paulo and the Federal University of Minas Gerais got a CNPq-Pronex grant that will help to promote scientific collaboration within members from these institutions as well as to bring people from abroad. We have received the visits of Professors Tom Spencer (IAS-Princeton) and Jim Howland (UVA, Charlottesville), Professors D.C. Brydges (UVA, Charlottesville), K. Fredenhagen (Hamburg), K. Gawedzki (IHES-Paris) and A. Kupiainen (Helsinki University and Finland Academy of Sciences). In November 1999, we organized the 2nd Pronex 203 Mathematical Physics Meeting, at the Physics Institute, USP, Sao Paulo. You can have the meeting program here (postcript file).

ICMP-2006  -  International Congress on Mathematical Physics
(International Association of Mathematical Physics - IAMP)

TMP-2006  Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, IFUSP, São Paulo, 1-4/08/2006.
Satellite Conference of the ICMP-2006 Congress.

Matematical Physics Workshop
Mambucaba (RJ), 19-25 August, 2001.
Sponsored by IMPA-RJ, V. Sidoravicius & A. Klein orgs.
Organizer for the participation of São Paulo State researchers, FAPESP grant.

Brazilian Mathematics Society, Regional Meeting
Within the Project "USP-Brasil 500 Anos".
May 08-12, 2000. São Carlos SP.

The LabCalc Project

I have been also involved with a Curriculum Reform in our campus, and I have been coordinating the establishment of a Calculus Laboratory at our Institute, with support from the PACDT/CAPES and from a partnership with a REENGE (CNPq) project leading by the School of Engineering  EESC-USP .
With M.A.S. Ruas, I organized the meeting  "Encontro: A Informática no Ensino da Matemática", November 6-7, 1997, where more than 80 persons (students, teachers and researchers) from across the country came together to exchange ideas on the use of the computer in Mathematics teaching. You can have more information about our project in LABCALC.

Administration & Other

Head of the Applied Math & Statistics Dept (2012-2013), Vice-Head (2010-2011)
Member of the ICMC-USP Major Councils (Congregação, CTA, Dept. Council), for several terms.
President of the ICMC-USP International Office and Committee (since 2010)
USP Central International Office (Rector´s Office), 2009-2011, (Advisor, Responsible for the Academic Mobility for the whole university, Local Coordinator for Six Erasmus Mundus Consortia, USP Representative for the University Network of the Montevideo Group - AUGM, USP Representative for the Coimbra University Network, ...)
CNPq Reasearch Grant, since 1994.
Member of the CNPq Science Without Borders Evaluating Committee, since 2011.
Others: Please, take a look at my Lattes RESUME (CV).

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