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 Paulo Sergio Lopes de Souza




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Contact Information

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences – ICMC/USP

Department of Computer Systems – SSC

Laboratory of Distributed Systems and Concurrent Programming – LASDPC

Av. Trabalhador são-carlense, 400 – P.O. 668

13560-970 – São Carlos – SP – Brasil


Phone: +55 16 3373 6623

Fax: +55 16 3373 8118

Office: room 4-136 build 4 (ICMC/USP).

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e-mails           pssouza at icmc dot usp dot br

                        psldesouza at gmail dot com



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Short Bio

Paulo Sergio Lopes de Souza received a Bachelor in Data Processing from the State University of Ponta Grossa-PR (UEPG) in 1990 and an MSc in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from ICMC/USP in 1996, researching on Parallel Virtual Machines. He received his PhD from IFSC/USP in 2000, studying Process Scheduling in Distributed Memory MIMD platforms. Paulo Souza was an Academic Visitor at the University of Southampton/UK (2010/2011), working with Prof. Ed. Zaluska with testing of concurrent programs.

He was a lecturer at UEPG for 14 years (1991/2005), being head of the Department of Informatics in 1992/1993. He works at the Computer Systems Department of the ICMC/USP at São Carlos since 2005, where he is now an Associate Professor at the Distributed Systems and Concurrent Programming Laboratory (LASDPC). He is the supervisor of PhD, Master, and Scientific Initiation students.

He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses related to the organization and architecture of computers, operating systems, high-performance computing, concurrent programming, computer networks, and data structures. He received several honors for the courses given to undergraduate students.

Paulo is responsible for research and university extension projects. In academic administration, he acts in leadership positions and several commissions. He is an Ad-Hoc reviewer for research funding agencies, journals, and congresses. Paulo has already organized different events in his research area and is the editor of special editions in international journals.

He is a member of SBC (Brazilian Computer Society), where he works in Computer Architecture and High-Performance Processing, Computer Education, and Software Engineering (Software Testing). He is also a member of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery).



His research activities focus on High-Performance Computing and mainly in distributed and parallel applications. Research projects follow on two fronts.

The first one focuses on generating new technologies to support efficient, correct, and inexpensive computer systems. On this front, we develop methodologies for validation, verification, and testing of parallel programs, techniques for developing new parallel applications, improvements in computer systems' security, and performance evaluations in peer-to-peer (blockchain) networks.

The second front of research aims to develop educational resources and methodologies to train professionals with the required skills and competencies to create high-performance computational solutions aligned to the current multi and many-core systems. On this front, we develop teaching methodologies and open educational resources for the popularization of high-performance computing teaching in educational institutions without adequate physical and human resources.


The publications, supervision of (under)graduate students, research projects, and other academic activities are in my CNPq Lattes CV. See also Google Scholar and MyResearcherID.




CNPq Lattes CV

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