Datasets and Virtual Machines

Datasets and Virtual Machines

Research Datasets

Neurocomputing Paper

Ponti, M. and Nazare, T. and Thume, G. "Image quantization as a dimensionality reduction procedure in color and texture feature extraction". Neurocomputing, v.173, 2016.

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

Ponti, M. et al. "Precision Agriculture: using low-cost systems to acquire low-altitude images". IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2016. Bean crop image dataset


Virtual Machines

  • OVA for a Debian 7.6 (Wheezy) with Gnome: download (3.4G file). Prepared for Algorithms and Data Structures, Computer Programming, Object Oriented Programming and Digital Image Processing courses. Contains the following opensource softwares: login: aluno, passw: 123456. root passw: 123456