Research projects

  • Multiscale methods for numerical simulation of petroleum reservoirs
    This research project propose the development of multiscale domain decomposition methods for the numerical solution in parallel of huge petroleum reservoirs.
    Funding: PETROBRAS S.A.
    Period: 2017-2020
  • Mathematical and numerical developments in two-phase flows applied to refinery processes
    The intend is to develop state-of-art parallel adaptive code for the numerical simulation of large-scale two-phase fluid flows, with applications to oil refining.
    Funding: PETROBRAS S.A.
    Period: 2012-2015
  • Computational microfluidics: An arbitrary lagrangian-eulerian approach
    This research proposal intends to develop mathematical and numerical models for fluid flow problems in microscale, incorporating surface phenomena, fluidic membranes and electromagnectic forces. This study is based on the mathematical models being deduced by the virtual power principle, which is adequate for a finite element discretization with moving meshes, in an arbitrary lagrangian-eulerian framework.
    Funding: FAPESP
    Period: 2011-2013
  • Numerical simulation of multiphase flows with dynamic contact lines
    The aim of this research is to develop numerical menthods for the simulation of multiphase flows with dynamic contact lines, as ocurring in surface wetting problems. We employ the finite element method in an arbitrary lagrangian-eulerian approach to model contact angles and histeresis effects.
    Funding: CNPq
    Period: 2007-2009