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An interesting evaluation tool, for all areas of knowledge, has been developed by the The Thomson Corporation. Login to the Essential Science Indicators in the ISI Web Page to see Citation Rankings for Scientists, Institutions, Countries and Jounals. At the same site you can search the Web of Science to find the citations of individuals or the Journal Citation Reports to see the citation rankings of journals.
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Needless to say that, for the area of Mathematics, the 5 Year Impact Factor reflects better the order of scientific journals then the Impact Factor. Beware that recent journals do not have a 5 Year Impact Factor and they are all listed at the end (to compare them with older journals I suggest to use the Impact factor as the 5 Year Impact Factor).

The American Mathematical Society, through the ``Mathematical Reviews", publishes reviews of most of the research in mathematics done worldwide. These reviews are available online through a service called MathSciNet. The link to MathSciNet Search may not work on an unauthorized machine.

Our institution, formely called ``Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas de São Carlos'', has received (to my knowledge and throughout the last 25 years) three institution codes in the Mathematical Reviews, namely BR-SPL3-ICM, BR-SPL3-IC and BR-SPL3. Since the Institute's name has reacently changed to ``Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas e de Computação'', it has received yet other six institution codes, namely BR-SPL3-MCS, BR-SPL3-CMC, BR-SPL3-MCM, BR-SPL3-AMS and BR-SPL3-DM. Using these entrances as search parameter I have compiled the above publication list. Note that institution codes were not used before 1985.